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The official documents produced during S.A.L.U.S W SPACE project are here available to the citizens.

Congratulation letter by Corina Metu, Member of the European Commission, to the major Virginio Merola for the quality of Salus Space Project.
Letter to Merola

Project fiche available on the website of the Municipality of Bologna, in the International Relations Office and International Projects area
Project fiche

Billboard Salus Space


April 2017 Brochure

5 April 2017 Promotional Card

5 April 2017Radio Spot

5 June 2017 Promotional Card

15 June Promotional Card

4 July 2017 Promotional Card

4 July 2017 Invitation Brochure

4 July 2017 Local Newspaper Ads 

4 July 2017 – Radio Spot

September – October 2017 Event’s Brochure 

25 October 2017 Invitation Brochure

Posters for the event of 25 October 2017:
Opening poster
Architectural Project poster
Citizen Community poster
Art and Crafts workshop poster
Multi-Ethnic restaurant poster
Studies Center poster
Gardens poster

March 2018 Brochure

Drawings for the preliminary project of the Masterplan of Salus Space (Arch. Massimo Monaco, Municipality of Bologna), documents presented to citizens during the meeting of June 2017
Accessibility paths

31 may 2018 event slides
From Villa Salus to Salus Space (Dino Cocchianella, Comune di Bologna)
The path and the results of the co-design (Valerio Nannini, ICIE)
Participatory and integrated evaluation (Daniela Oliva, IRS)
The Community of inhabitants (Gianluca Borghi, ASP)

2018 Survey presentation

Presentation of the project at the event “Tre giorni del welfare” (28 February- 2 March 2019)
Preparatory phase
Experimental phase
Operating phase

Presentation of Think Tank’s event
Think Tank programm 

Storytelling of new actions at Salus Space
The new season at Salus Space

Charter of Values

Rules of collaborative living

Living in Salus Space

Agreement model for the collaborative management

Press conference presentation 16 November 2020

Survey presentation January 2021

The participatory editorial staf of Salus Space

Project’s book: Salus Space: a place to experience wellness, inclusion and welfare
First part
Second part

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