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Participatory Path


The “Participatory Path” accompanies the process of urban regeneration and social innovation to make Villa Salus an open, welcoming and connected place with the neighborhood and the city. The intervention method is based on the following principles: a wide and heterogeneous involvement of different stakeholders, fostering the idea that several points of view can encourage innovative solutions to flourish; an intertwining of social and spatial dimension of participation; an integrated approach to the development of territorial networks, at local level (zone, district, City, metropolitan area).

Participatory process aims to promote, through an approach based on dialogue and confrontation, the engagement of different kind of stakeholders: project partners, groups of immigrants and refugees, local inhabitants, the neighborhood, associations, schools, social and civic centers, local institutional stakeholders (such as public institutions, religious communities, social and for-profit enterprises, etc.).

The whole process consists of three macro-phases:

  1. Co-designing and sharing of vision concerning spaces and their functions

This phase, which mainly concerns the first year of the project, consists of a co-design process whose main goal is to define a shared concept of spaces and functions of Salus Space, based on a multidimensional approach to the Wellbeing. The project partners are deeply involved in this phase, but the focus is to involve other local stakeholders to get a wider confrontation with social, public and economic actors.

  1. Listening, knowing and involving the community and the surrounding territory

This phase coincides with a wider social planning process that implies a mapping and listening activity of the territory and of its inhabitants, through the organization of cultural and social events that will enhance the participation of the citizenship and will promote collaborative partnership in the local area. The idea is to make Salus Space an opportunity for the whole community. The citizens will be involved in the evaluation activities as well, organizing a specific participatory approach process to evaluate project activities and project impact on the territory.

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  1. Communication and information activities

This phase, transversal to the whole project, involves several activities, including the creation of a participatory editorial staff, led by professional journalists and made of citizens, open to all people wishing to share the project values and contents.

This working group meets periodically for a training phase and at the same time to make a Storytelling of the project and of its territory, trough texts, photos and videos, regularly posted in the Salus Space Story blog.  Anyone wishing to participate in the editorial board, even without any particular expertise, is welcome.

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At the same time, the website will promptly inform about the project, providing official documents and news.

For information about the participatory process:

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