The S.A.L.U.S W SPACE project won the first European call for proposal of U.I.A. project (Urban Innovative Actions), being selected amongst 17 others with 378 proposals having been submitted.

The Municipality of Bologna (Institution for Social and Community Inclusion Don Paolo Serra Zanetti, International Relations and Projects Office, Public Works) is the coordinator of the project, which was designed and implemented by 16 partners. This project is co-financed by the European Regional and Development Fund trough the Urban Innovative Actions Initiative.

The overall objective of the three year project is to build a center for hospitality and work as well as intercultural welfare and wellness. Or in broader terms: Salus Space.

The areas and properties involved in the project are those of the ex clinic “Villa Salus”, which have been in a state of abandonment and decay for years.
The intervention involves a zero consumption of the territory, using the upgrading of the complex as an experimental site that, in addition to being a fly wheel for the local economy, aims to employ disadvantaged section of the population and at the same time train them professionally for the future management of the property as well as the creation of business activities for the benefit of the local area.

The aim of the intervention is to create an experimental site for social innovation through a participatory design process (co-design), with a generative and intercultural Welfare approach.
Ongoing monitoring and evaluation procedures are used during the whole process and are shared with all the partners, citizens included.

The project is accompanied by a strong communication campaign that involves both partners and citizens, with the aim to set up an Editorial Board.

The purpose of Salus Space is to create and define an innovative and replicable model of reception and integration for refugees, to be used also in other European contexts.

The key words of the project, which are reflected in all the stages of the process, are:

  1. Wellbeing – Ideation
  2. Welfare – Realization, training
  3. Welcome – Management

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