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Intercultural Welfare Think Tank


The Think Tank is managed by the Institution for Social and Community Inclusion Don Paolo Serra Zanetti-Municipality of Bologna. The goal is to build possible and innovative hospitality solutions based on an active inclusion approach. In particular, the focus is on the analysis of the results in terms of empowerment and capability of the experiences realized within the Salus Space.
The Think Tank is structured as an Operative Committee designated to publish studies and organize public events involving stakeholders and local, national and international representatives. The Think Tank is provided with offices, conference halls and meeting rooms.
At the end of the three years a guidelines manual for active social inclusion will be published, summing up the acquired experiences within the Salus Space.

Here the next meetings:

Monday 23 October 2017, h. 17-19
MET Cantieri Meticci, via Gorki 6, Bologna
Matilde Callari Galli
Anthropological transformations and intercultural welfare

Tuesday 31 October 2017, h. 11-13
Aula dei Poeti, Strada Maggiore 45, Bologna
Riccardo Prandini
Welfare and social innovation

Thursday 23 November 2017, h. 17-19
Centro Zonarelli, via Sacco 6, Bologna
Alessandro Tolomelli
Empowerment, Community and Identity: resources or limits

Tuesday 28 November 2017, h. 17-19
Urban Center, piazza Nettuno 3
Alessandro Martelli
How many kind of welfare? Welfare between storytelling and practice

Tuesday 5 Dicember 2017, h. 17-19
Sala Marco Biagi, via Santo Stefano 119
Marco Castrignanò
City Districts, Communities and social capital

The Think Tank will be based in the Palazzina, with seminar rooms, co-working areas and the Editorial Board, responsible for the realization and updating of the website and SaluSpace Story blog. The Editorial Board is formed by professional journalists and citizens interested in being involved in the whole project process and phases.

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